Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance covers transportation (taxi, ambulance, airplane), medical contacts and visiting.

For the National Customers, INTER SECOURS ASSISTANCE (ISAS) deals with dispatching an ambulance on the spot to transport the wounded or malad person towards the most appropriate hospital structure or private clinic, depending of the case of the patient. A nurse, or a doctor in the most serious cases, will accompany the transported patient.
In the less serious cases, ISAS will dispatch a paramedical simple vehical (VSL for Véhicule Sanitaire Léger), or a taxi to transport the family.

For the International Customers, ISAS sends a Doctor to the Hospital or the Private clinic where the relative is hospitalized, in order to ensure themselves of the quality of the care, to supervise the costs, to carry out a pre-authorization of the medical expenses, to write a medical report to the attention of the insurance of the patient and to prepare repatriation.


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