Technical Assistance

The Technical Assistance makes it possible, further to a breakdown or an accident, to repair on the spot, to transport the vehicle towards a garage, or to write a report.

In the event of breakdown, or following an accident, whatever the place in Morocco, even on motorway, INTER SECOURS ASSISTANCE (ISAS) dispatch on the spot an Assistance vehicle who will be able either to repair on the spot, or to transport the damaged vehicle towards the most adapted garage according to the type and to the brand of the vehicle.
At the garage, an expert designated by ISAS will be able to check the only necessary repairs and their right cost.
ISAS also takes care of the occupants of the vehicle, to accompany them back by taxi, to reserve an hotel, or plane tickets.
ISAS also deals with drafting an accident form (called 'constat'), carried out by a qualified person who will take photographs and will send information to the insurance company.


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