COMPETITION HATELKEEPER IN MARRAKECH   The phenomen on began to Marrakech, there is more a decade and has today several Moroccan cities, Fez, Essaouira and others, but on a smaller scale. The houses of hosts and the riads are intended for the accommodation of the tourists and a large proportion of which escaped the formal sector. There are in Marrakech more than 700 houses of hosts and riads allowed and classified by the services of the Ministry of Tourism. But a large number of guest houses in the guise of private properties work completely in the informal and attract a targeted customer base through the sales on the internet, these clients often pay their stay in currency abroad, or a huge loss for the sector. On the other hand the recalcitrant owners who continued to work in the underground have seen their houses closed by the authorities, this at the request of the association of guest houses in Marrakech, which has provided the evidence of non-compliance with the rules in force by these establishments. This is the case of Meknes which account today twenty houses of hosts, but also Essaouira and Tangier. With the present situation, the phenomenon of the purchase of old houses has suffered a brake to Fes, some guest houses have even put the key under the mat, while waiting for better days. Marrakech has more than 300 that are put up for sale by their owners.    

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