THE BATTLE OF THE ROYAL AIR MAROC   Departure sale of subsidiaries, reorganization... the big change for the RAM desprit a decline in activity, the Royal Air Maroc remains confident of its positioning and its commitment to the national and the international. Thanks to the remarkable resistance of the RAM to the tourism sector, in spite of this situation, since the 1 November 2011, the RAM remained present and resistant to the situation, yet the number of theft has been reduced by only 8 per cent and the traffic has fallen by 5 %, this lowering is only the result of a decrease in demand. To amortize a general decline in the total supply which has reached the 11% for the air in Morocco, measures are taken by the RAM. A reduction of the workforce is already largely begun to the RAM, with approximately 1300 departures already materialized on 1560 provided by the contract program. The success of these departures is agreed first to the generosity of the nest egg, and the benefits granted to movers, secondly to the understanding and the meaning of the responsibility of the social partners. The commercial activity of the RAM has taken into account more modern methods of use of the internet and the various networks of distribution, the commercial of the RAM have less need to sell on-line tickets and must convert to moderator of distribution networks. OF or the closure of certain agencies in Europe and Morocco. In Lyon , Which employs 5 people is a part of it , In the same way as those of Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Nantes ... In total, Royal Air Maroc, which draws to this day 35 per cent of its business since France, should secede from 30 employees on the 75 that it employs in the hexagon. In addition the site specifies that a dozen of appliances have been removed from the fleet and recalls that since November, the roads of Agadir and Fes at the outset of Lyon have been removed while the frequencies on Marrakech have been reduced.    

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