THE HOSPITALS IN MOROCCO   Despite the opening of other Hospital centers universiatires (CHU), the one in Casablanca is groaning under the request certain specialties exist only in Casablanca and more specialists, but lack of nurses and a work organization of doctors. The CHU employs 300 physicians who are mentoring 700 medical students.The Morocco account at present 4 CHU: Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech and Fes. The Oujda is functional but has not yet officially starts, those of Tangier and Agadir will open by the end 2012. Finally, at the level of infrastructure and equipment, great advances have been made during this decade, but the CHU dragged unfortunately always the inadequacies and malfunctions at the level of human resources, it has more than 1200 nurses, but it takes as 400.    

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