HIGHWAY FÈS-TANGER MED   The project is focused by a bank business tangeroise: Blue Ocean Development Bank. Estimated at EUR 700 million, the investment must be funded for the most part of private. It is a daring project that refined by this time the business bank tangeroise Blue Ocean Development Bank. It is a motorway 190 km which would link directly to the port of Fez Tangier Med. It would save almost 200 km on this journey, a gain that would benefit the economic operators to Fes and Meknes, but also to those of La Taza and Oujda and from the south to Errachidia since the road traffic and sales from this region leads, In the north, toward Azrou and Meknes. Today,to connect to Fez Tangier Med, cars and trucks must borrow the highway toward the Atlantic coast to the west, until the effect throughout the year for hikers, participants in the rally and other visitors who stay in campsites, but who remain in this region for stays rather long. These tourists, are often Swiss, French and Belgians. The region of Oued Eddahab-Lagouira keep , In effect, a geostrategic situation of choice by being a door toward Africa and due to its proximity with the Canary Islands. And Dakhla is become a pole of attraction for a large number of tourists thanks to its bay, and to its lagoon of international renown, which fact converge toward it the watersports enthusiasts, the Belgian and German tourists are in continual progress that this is in the framework of the medical assistance and technical. The Agadir city remains the relay for a quality of the medical benefits. The private ambulance sector exists on the city of Laayoune , Dakhla and Agadir.    

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