Vehicles ’ Repatriation to wards Spain

Vehicles ’ Repatriation to wards Spain During the year 2012; organizations and Moroccan providers had hard time repatriating vehicles towards Tarifa. A new maritime company “Intershipping” line is open in support of the assistance companies to help repatriate vehicles towards Europe. Inter-shipping acquired and placed two boats at the Tarifa port. “Inter-shipping” which has newly arrived; finally succeeded in setting up a direct connection on Tarifa port. The boat is no stranger to the line; it is in fact being used by Boughaz Express, the subsidiary company of Comarit on the Tarifa-Tangier line. This way, the company makes profit from both sides. In addition to setting up an excellent Moroccan ward on the boat “Maria Dolores”; to respond to the unpredictable requirements. This ferry responds to the Spanish authorities length set criteria to operate from Tarifa port not to exceed a maximum of 75 meters. Med-Algeciras, a boat with nearly 200 passengers onboard had been prohibited to accost at Algeciras port. It was after several interactions between the harborauthorities of the two countries that finally the boat could accost and disembark the passengers.

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