Morocco: The Ta ngier-Casablanca TGV (Hi Speed Train) Under Process

Morocco: The Ta ngier-Casablanca TGV (Hi Speed Train) Under Process The high speed train (TGV) project between Tangier and Casablanca is currently in progress. The National office of the railway (ONCF) visited the building site. The financing is set, the project holders are positive about its complete realization. The budget is set; the high speed line (TGV) on the rails project is now facing a new stage of life which is the achievement of the assigned work. This project will interact; after the completion of the basic infrastructures of the principal building sites; to link between Casablanca and Tangier and link all economic sectors with a strong added value, according to a global vision, such as the Tangier-Med port, the motorway network, the logistic platforms and the reconstructing of the Tangiercity port.The impact of the TGV on tourism remains distinct. This experiment can help with the appearance of new types oftourism, like the development of groups’ tourism or a rise of tourist displacements of certain types of customers: young people, seniors and foreigners…The TGV will certainly modify the tourists’ performance on several levels such as the expansion of the agglomerations’ potential market already having a strong image, development of urban tourism, more weekend trips to the area, spreading out the holiday periods, increase the number of business layover, and an increase of the hightourist places frequentation. It will allow the development of a new touristic offer, new facilities for business customers: conference centers in particular, higher number of organized events, increase of information services and guides. Finally, it is advisable to adapt the tourist offer to this new offer of transport by proposing weekend formulas, national and perhaps international events.

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