MARRAKECH + 10,000 BEDS IN 2012

MARRAKECH + 10,000 BEDS IN 2012   The tourism sector continues to attract investors, even if that the sector is experiencing a sudden brake in spite of the international economic crisis, the Moroccan State launches in a Vision 2020 to encourage and boost the tourism sector. 17 Institutions that have benefited from a convention whose 12 of 5 star category.the predominance of high-end hotels at shows well that the positioning of the Morocco has not changed, that is to say that luxury tourism concern a meaningful place for investors and tourists. Investors continue to opt for the tourist destinations which have their fame, such as Marrakech with 5 conventions. On the destination the most renowned in Morocco, Marrakech provides for the opening for the current year of over thirty establishments of all categories (of the luxury hotel up to the guest house) totaling more than 10,000 additional beds, which is a huge amount for a destination that already has 50,000 beds. Note, that the vision 2020 must allow to rebalance the offers and to adapt it to the request which is in progress, the vision 2020 is coming to confirm the commitment of Morocco to accommodate more tourists by the development of new products and the emergence of new destinations.    

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