• Medical Assistance

    Medical Assistance covers transportation (taxi, ambulance, airplane), medical contacts and visiting.

    For the National Customers, INTER SECOURS ASSISTANCE (ISAS) deals with dispatching an ambulance on the spot to transport the wounded or malad person towards the most appropriate hospital structure or private clinic, depending of the case of the patient. A nurse, or a doctor in the most serious cases, will accompany the transported patient.
    In the less serious cases, ISAS will dispatch a paramedical simple vehical (VSL for Véhicule Sanitaire Léger), or a taxi to transport the family.

    For the International Customers, ISAS sends a Doctor to the Hospital or the Private clinic where the relative is hospitalized, in order to ensure themselves of the quality of the care, to supervise the costs, to carry out a pre-authorization of the medical expenses, to write a medical report to the attention of the insurance of the patient and to prepare repatriation.

  • Technical Assistance

    The Technical Assistance makes it possible, further to a breakdown or an accident, to repair on the spot, to transport the vehicle towards a garage, or to write a report.

    In the event of breakdown, or following an accident, whatever the place in Morocco, even on motorway, INTER SECOURS ASSISTANCE (ISAS) dispatch on the spot an Assistance vehicle who will be able either to repair on the spot, or to transport the damaged vehicle towards the most adapted garage according to the type and to the brand of the vehicle.
    At the garage, an expert designated by ISAS will be able to check the only necessary repairs and their right cost.
    ISAS also takes care of the occupants of the vehicle, to accompany them back by taxi, to reserve an hotel, or plane tickets.
    ISAS also deals with drafting an accident form (called 'constat'), carried out by a qualified person who will take photographs and will send information to the insurance company.

  • Event Medical Security

    Event Medical Security is a service where the event's organisation will have, on site, a medical rescue team with his ambulance.

    Whether it is for a car rally, of a film making, or any other public demonstration, INTER SECOURS ASSISTANCE (ISAS) on the spot proposes with the organizer the presence of medical or paramedical team (doctor, nurse, first-aid team) and of medical means of transport (ambulance, VSL).

    In parallel, ISAS can provide a technical assistance during the event to take care of the damaged or break down vehicles.

  • Conciergerie

    The Conciergerie service is answering any particular request of services or products.

    You need to make a train, plane, or boat reservation; To ask for a delivery of flowers, fruits basket; to hire a coursier, or a limousine ; to find a lady-cook, a garden keeper, or a nurse; to get local information.

    On simple call to INTER SECOURS ASSISTANCE (ISAS), whether you are a private person or a corporate company, the Conciergerie service of ISAS will satisfy any of your requests.

  • Funeral Service

    The Funeral Service gathers the repatriation of body to Morocco, National transport and the burial.

    The death of a relative living abroad and wishing a burial in Morocco: during this painful moment, the Funeral Service of INTER SECOURS Assistance (ISAS) discharge the family of all the organization and the formalities of body repatriation to Morocco, up to the place of burial in Morocco.

    A close relation deceased in Morocco: ISAS relieves the family of the organization of the funerals and ensures the national transport of the late person.

  • Cost Control

    The Cost Control is a process making it possible to contain the costs by checking the adequacy of the invoices with the reality of the care, and to audit the real necessity of the care according to the patient condition.

    The Cost Control Service of INTER SECOURS Assistance (ISAS) checks the coherence of the invoice with the state of the patient, allowing a Cost reduction thanks to a preliminary inventory, and eliminates the useless acts after control by a specialized controller doctor.

    ISAS annually visits the most important private clinics, according to their specialization, and negotiate special tariff agreements with them.

    The Cost Control Service of ISAS answers a true request of Foreign Assistance or Insurance companies which will thus find the answer in Morocco to their expectation of expenses reduction.

  • MEDICAL                              ASSISTANCE

  • TECHNICAL               ASSISTANCE





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Since 20 years, INTER SECOURS ASSISTANCE (ISAS) is a specialized company, in Morocco, for Medical and Technical Assistance.
With 20 years of field experience, Worldwide customers, ISAS not only have an International Service as a Provider for foreign Assistance companies, but also a National Service, dedicated to Private individuals and Moroccan Companies.


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