To support our 5 agencies, INTER SECOURS Assistance (ISAS) makes use of a 300+ partners network, which have been rigourously selected.


To be a member of our network, each partner must have a total and permanent availibilty, a great ponctuality with a beyond reproach intervention quality, and competitive prices.


Thanks to our National Network, we are offering to our customers an outstanding service in Morocco. Be efficient in all circonstances: it is our willingness which determines our organization. This is why we are continuously enhancing our network, based on 5 alarm centers and a wide panel of partners, each with a precise geographical area.


24h a day et 365 days a year, 150 collaborators, 40 doctors et 120 correspondants, covering the whole Morocco, are servicing our customers

From Laâyoune, Tanger, or Oujda, our customers are assisted  the same way, based on the respect of our intervention principles:

  • Quick intervention,
  • Showing rigour and Professionalism
  • High Quality of our prestations

Our 5 languages skills (Berber/ Arab/ French/ English/ Spanish) give us a psychologal role which allows us to better understand, better assist and better support the customer in distress.

The correspondant network, nationwide, is appearing as a necessity. This is more and more obvious with the increase of the territory linked to new ISAS activities raise.

The correspondant is the essential link for 


The strategic establishment of ISAS agencies and network, combined with an important automobile park of permanent mobility, make it possible to intervene within the best time on a vast geographical area

INTER SECOURS ASSISTANCE serves you h24 and 7days a week with a vast network of 300+ professionals

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